Adoptable Dogs

Updated December 6th, 2013

"You may not be looking for a dog, but there may be a dog out there looking for you." - P. Wilson


Bronson is a 3 year neutered male Cocker Spaniel with an expressive face highlighted by his attractive markings. Bronson has come out of an excessively busy family environment with very active children and no place or space to call his own. His unhappiness and discomfort finally caused him to become somewhat testy with the kids resulting in him coming into rescue. We have found him to be a friendly fellow who, released from the pressure cooker of his former home, seems to be relaxed enough to interact in usual Spaniel fashion with us and to enjoy his country walks and expeditions to the park. He would prove to be a wonderful companion to a couple or individual with a much quieter life-style and, preferably, having some familiarity with the Cocker Spaniel breed. Bronson needs a chance to prove what a good dog he can be in a loving, safe and secure home. For additional info on Bronson or to make an appointment to meet him please call us at: (905) 939 - 2692.


Cisco is a 6 year old blue eyed Husky who is looking for a loving home. Cisco is great with kids of all ages and loves to play, His favourite relaxation technique is to curl up on a couch or chair and put his head on a spare lap and fall asleep. He does like to voice his opinions when spoken to, in the inimitable way Huskies have of verbalizing and communicating. Cisco is well behaved and mannerly as well as being fully house trained. Of course he is always keen to go for walks to the park or for a hike in the country. For more info please call us at: (905) 939 - 2692.


Heidi is a 3 year spayed female Labrador Retriever who's short life has been spent raising puppies. Apparently her previous "caregivers' did not care about her enough to get her spayed or to prevent her being bred. Subsequently her life has been one of service with no chance for her to develop a meaningful or satisfying life of her own. This extraordinary girl is totally done with playing the mommy role and is quickly discovering her own inner puppy. She is very keen to recover her figure and is the first to admit to being cosmetically challenged in her nether regions due to the constant demands of her puppies. Although she believes a tummy tuck might be nice she is quite willing to wait for nature and exercise to take it's course. Heidi's good nature and wonderful disposition cannot be faulted, she is everything to be expected of the Labrador breed, and more. She should be the focus of attention in her "forever" home and be granted the love and human companionship that she so deserves. For more info on Heidi or to make an appointment to come and visit her please call us at: (905) 939 - 2692.


Yogi is a 5 year neutered male Labrador Retriever/Mastiff mix who would very much like to offer his affection and devotion to some lucky family. He has suffered the significant loss of his former caregiver, a handicapped person who sadly passed away leaving a bereft and sad canine friend behind. Yogi's story is especially touching since, with no friends or family members willing or able to offer him safe and familiar shelter, he finds himself homeless among strangers. It is to his credit that he is doing his very best to demonstrate to us an easy-going, placid, undemanding nature of gentle benevolence which must have, undoubtedly, brought much pleasure and brightness into the life of his former human companion. As you can see, Yogi is a very striking fellow with his eye-catching brindle coat and gentle Labrador features - a dog for town or country, attracting admiring glances wherever he goes. He is proud of his well honed and impeccable leash manners and reminds us too that he sees himself as being kindly and non-judgemental with other dogs as well as cats. If you can offer this beautiful, brindle boy the chance to, once again, give his gift of companionship to a loving family or individual please call us at: (905) 939 - 2692.


Maxwell is a 4 year year neutered male Setter/Collie mix weighing 55 lbs, sporting a soft wavy coat and affecting an elegant bearing. He is obviously a dog with class, a dog of considerable merit and impressive, if unknown, ancestry. He carries himself with aplomb and a certain inborn confidence of a dog who is content with who he is and what he has to offer. He does well to disguise his true feelings at finding himself in straited circumstances but it is apparent that he is struggling to remain opimistic through all the confusion and fear during this drastic life changing experience. Maxwell's attitude is one of honest, open and forthright dealings with people and canines alike with no hidden agenda - what you see is who he is, a comforting knowledge. This handsome, mid-sized dog would adapt to town or country setting as long as he was provided with the love, committment and care of a true dog loving family or individual. Please call: (905) 939 - 2692 for additional info on Maxwell or to make an appointment to visit him. Decorative bandage is temporary for i.v during neuter.


Petey is a 5 year neutered male Chihuahua/Terrier mix weighing 14 lbs. He is definitely open to the idea of losing a couple of pounds but his previous family had no time to walk him it seems. This charming and sweet natured little boy possesses all the splendid canine qualities that make him an ideal candidate as a family pet or companion. No doubt his previous family once spent quality time with him as it is evident that he loves people and he is respectful, on and off leash, with other dogs. Petey's compact size give him the edge as far as travelling with his family is concerned and he would be quite excited to embark on short or long trips at short notice. Naturally, he enjoy walkies and would certainly like the chance to be able to accompany his new family on regular jaunts and to realize his ambition to shed a pound or two. Petey does wear a harness for walking, both for comfort and because he is not inclined to pull or be distracted. Are you looking for an easy going little dog to add lustre to your life? If so, Petey awaits your call at: (905) 939 - 2692.


Shinny is an 18 month spayed female Siberian Husky. She is a lovely girl! who loves people and dogs alike. She is currently being homed with three other dogs and gets along fine with them. She plays and wrestles, and is cheerful as can be! Shinny is a typical Husky so we're working on her leash manners and she's coming along slowly but surely but there are so many interesting things to sniff and see! She is quiet and clean in her crate, even with other dogs loose, and does not bark at people or other dogs. Shinny plays fetch and LOVES a good belly rub. She's also easy to groom and doesn't mind having her nails trimmed too much. She is a real charmer and will wiggle right over and sit on your foot for a pat (well, a full body rub!). Shinny would do well in an active home, perhaps with another dog who loves to play. For more info please call: (905) 939 - 2692.


Chief is an 18 month neutered male Siberian Husky. As you can tell by his pic this strikingly handsome boy does possess a certain elegance and poise not often seen in such a young dog. He is a confident guy without being brash, dominant or assertive. His casual acceptance of a neutral role in the pack makes him and easy and pleasant dog to be with and gives him the ability to fit into most family situations. Being still a puppy, Chief's full potential has yet to be realized but, in a Husky loving home where his many wonderful traits could be encouraged and nurtured, he would blossom into an awesome example of this much admired Northern breed. He is keen to find a permanent, safe and comfortable home with a family or individual willing to make a commitment to him, to be proud of him and, above all, to love him for who he is. If you are able to offer Chief all that he so richly deserves and would like to meet him please call us at (905) 939 - 2692.


Fern is a tiny 8 lb Shih-Tzu who's exuberance and zest for life are contagious. She seems to sparkle with the joy of just being with people who give her attention and affection. In her world everyone is worthy of her copious and generous ministrations and she is eager to give of her puppy trust in a way which is quite touching considering her present homeless state. Because of her tender age and spirited personality Fern would do best in a home conducive to her activity level. She does, of course, treasure the quiet times too when she can cuddle on someone's welcoming lap and feel loved and wanted. She is excellent with other dogs, especially those who relish active play-times - more senior doggies might be less inclined to put up with the attentions of a pesky pup. Your bundle of joy might well come in the form of this adorable little girl to make your family complete. For additional info or to make an appointment to visit with Fern please call us at: (905) 939 - 2692. No young children due to her smaller size and vulnerability.


Kip is a 1 year neutered male Maltese mix, a little dog with a big personality. He has come to us from a situation of abandonment and neglect and is recovering well from that particular trauma. As you can see Kip has been treated to a make-over at the groomer's and seems very happy and proud of his new look. We are impressed with his willingness to embrace new friends in his present temporary foster home with a growing trust and affection. He is quick to make welcoming overtures towards other canines of both genders with no trace of dominance or other negative behaviour. Kip would certainly be thrilled to have a doggy play-mate in his new home, perhaps an older brother or sister who could also be both mentor and role model. He has a life-time of love to offer the family that is fortunate enough to call him their friend. No young children due to his smaller size and vulnerability. If you would like additional info on Kip please call us at: (905) 939 - 2692.


Abby is a beautiful, 8 year old girl who is looking for a special family to call her own. Abby was found as a stray, so we don't have a history on her; but if her frost-damaged ear tips are any indication, she has probably not had an easy life. She is quiet and respectful in the house and rides well in the car. Abby is crate-trained but can be left alone at home without being crated. She is a fairly low-energy dog, but does enjoy a good walk each day. Because of her high prey drive, Abby would best suit an adult-only home without cats or other small animals. Abby is not high maintenance and will happily go to whatever place you tell her, and snooze by your side. Abby is an insecure/dominant dog. This means she needs a firm but kind owner, who will be very consistent with the rules of the house. Abby is quite obedient and walks well on leash, but does like to chase/grab at things with wheels if allowed (although she can easily be distracted from them). She is a confident girl and we're working on her doggie social skills as she can be a bit pushy when meeting other dogs. Abby is spayed, up-to-date on vaccines, and microchipped. For more info please call (905) 939 - 2692 or 519-940-4712



All dogs available for adoption have been neutered/spayed, fully vaccinated and micro-chipped. For more information on adopting one of our dogs, please contact us via email or phone 905-939-2692

To adopt a pet from us we require:

  • a telephone interview

  • an in-person interview

  • a written contract

  • an adoption fee